Extradition / Surrender of persons for prosecution or trial in Latvia.

We provide comprehensive legal assistance at any stage of the extradition process. Upon request, we also provide legal opinions to courts of foreign jurisdictions on issues that are important in extradition proceedings, such as conditions in Latvian prisons – on whether living conditions, prison infrastructure, available health care services, etc. comply with the requirements of the European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms and other regulatory enactments, as well as international instruments. We also provide opinions on whether the European Arrest Warrant, issued in Latvia in accordance with the provisions of Latvian legislation, complies with legal enactments of the European Union, etc.

We also provide legal assistance to Latvian nationals in the process of transfer to the Republic of Latvia for serving a sentence after conviction abroad, including defence in the process of sentencing in accordance with the provisions of Latvian legislation. 

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